About LA Skydiving

What does LA Skydiving do? We Get YOU in the AIR!

LA skydiving is a skydiving-related activities broker. Our agents secure jump times for first-time skydivers and enroll clients in Accelerated Freefall (AFF) as well as various other skydive certification courses. Although we don't own the skydive centers nor do we facilitate the skydives, we work alongside local operators to ensure our clients receive the best in service provision and customer care.

As was mentioned previously, we don't own or operate the skydive centers, but we do provide opportunities for clients to enhance the experience they will have there. We do so by making it possible for you to purchase gift certificates for tandem skydives and the initial level of instruction in Accelerated Freefall training.

Why you should choose LA Skydiving

We’re experts at what we do. We can arrange for you to learn to skydive with USPA certified instructors at the best skydiving centers and drop zones located within the Los Angeles metropolitan area and surrounding communities.

Our agents are well versed in seeking out the best opportunities to satisfy the needs and desires of our clientele. They are excellent sources of information to take advantage of should you have any questions or concerns regarding anything within the skydiving realm. Should you wish to enroll in skydive instruction, we will enroll you in instruction to make certain you gain the knowledge you need and expand your skill set. This is done in an effort to get you skydiving solo with proficiency as soon as possible.

Although the majority of the jumps we organize for clients occur at local skydive centers, we can make arrangements for you to jump at numerous affiliated drop zones located throughout the United States.

Become even more familiar with us when you call and speak to our agents

There are several different ways for you to contact us. Simply dial our number, our agents are available seven days a week from 5 AM - 9 PM. Visit our contact page and click the button, we’ll be notified and will get back to you as soon as we can. Or shoot us an email, we will typically respond in less than 24 hours. Once a connection has been made and we prove to you how valuable our services are, we are certain you’ll continue to return to have your future skydive services arranged by us every time. Thank you for stopping by and happy jumping!