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Skydiving Photos Don't do the Sport Justice

Don't let our photos be the closest you ever get to skydiving

You know it is awesome when you cannot describe how you feel, and skydiving is just that: indescribable. Sure we can spend hours talking about how freeing, exciting and surprisingly relaxing it is to jump from a plane and glide under the parachute, but the only way to truly know the feeling is to experience it. Barring being in the plane right now about to step foot into a seemingly infinite sunset, you probably have some time before you jump (even if you have made your reservation), so take a look at these recent LA Skydiving pictures to see what exactly skydiving with the best means.

To Truly Appreciate Skydiving You Have to Experience it Yourself

You can see from those incredible LA Skydiving pictures that Los Angeles is the place to be. So come out and experience it for real! First timers and experienced jumpers alike are welcome to get to know the craziness that happens here daily. Skydiving is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Now is the time to take a small risk, reap a great reward and create memories to last a lifetime (don’t forget to add LA Skydiving pictures and/or video to the never-ending list of rewards).

After looking at those incredible skydiving photos, it should be easy to see where all the hype comes from. Participate in the hype and satisfy a friend or loved one’s insatiable desire to go skydiving today with LA Skydiving’s gift certificates. Gift certificates are the best way to obtain the chance to go skydiving. Each gift certificate is valid for two years, can be used at drop zones all across the US, and can be transferred from one person to the next. They are available for tandem skydive jumps,  the Accelerated Freefall program Level 1, solo skydive jumps plus more.

The AFF program, although not as cost effective as some, is the best way to begin a career in this sport. Any solo skydiver must have completed an AFF program before obtaining the chance to freefall. This program will prepare you for any circumstance up in the air with training on releasing the parachute, body position, hand signals, altitude awareness, the rig, exiting the plane and more. Also, learning from the best is a definite plus. Still yearning for more answers, head to our FAQ page for additional insight!

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