Los Angeles Skydiving School

Los Angeles Skydiving School

Los Angeles Skydiving School

So, I completed a Tandem skydive, what’s next?

Ready, set, jump! ...If only it was as easy as that!

If you happen to be one of those individuals who embarked on a skydive and swiftly fell in love with it, then there's absolutely no better step to take next than to acquire your Accelerated Freefall certification and become a full-fledged skydiver! With our AFF school, you’ll have access to a fast yet comprehensive and professional approach to learning, thereby enabling you to achieve your licensing in no time at all.

We know that the prospect of AFF may seem slightly intimidating as you’ll be responsible for deploying your chute on your very first jump on your own, but quite frankly, that’s the beauty of it. Not only will you be learning the fundamentals of a skydive; how to position your body correctly, how to respond in emergency situations, etc., but you’ll also be learning how to undertake these responsibilities solely. This in turn will provide you with an amazing experience based on skydive skill set enhancement, and an additional sense of accomplishment that doesn’t come from much else.

Sounds great, how do I get started?

All that is necessary to move the process along is for you to give us a call and set up your enrollment into our program. Our friendly customer service agents are well versed in everything skydive related and will be happy to respond to any questions, concerns or to just get you on your way to becoming an expert.

I’m not familiar with this terminology, what does AFF and Tandem mean?

Allow us to tell you a little bit about AFF and how it differs from a Tandem jump. A Tandem jump requires an Instructor to attach themselves to the novice skydiver and facilitate the responsibilities of the dive. From deploying the chute to making certain the landing is safe which ensures the dive is successful. The novice’s sole responsibility is to sit back and relax under the canopy while gracefully falling back down to our drop zone. That is after the initial leap from the plane, during which the skydiver experiences the most heart pounding 60 or so seconds of their life while they are hurling toward the earth at speeds exceeding 120 miles per hour.

Accelerated Free Fall is the process of a skydiver jumping from the plane unencumbered by his instructor being harnessed to him. Instead the skydiver jumps on his own alongside an instructor or two to help in the event of emergencies, to make certain the jump goes off without a hitch and specific criteria for qualification to ascend to the next level of training are met.

What does the AFF Course consist of?

Basically, it's an 8-course educational program that utilizes various types of visual aids, videography, ground training, and literal jumps to teach an individual the basic principles of a skydive and how to achieve safe and effective jumps every time. Given the rewards that one has the potential to reap because of AFF certification, it’s a relatively short process from start to fruition. So essentially what we’re saying is in less than a few weeks, you can call yourself a professional!

AFF Coursework and Instruction Brief Overview, Levels 1 through 8

  • Initial Leap, Solo Skydive
  • Purification of Body Position
  • Jump Masters Turn You Lose
  • 90 Degree Turns, To the Right
  • 360 Degree Turns, Coming Full Circle
  • Gaining Effectiveness, Front Loops and Tracking
  • All Together Now
  • You’ve Come to the End of the Road, Hop n Pop

We know we’ve used some creative terminology here, but you get the general idea. Achieving certification in skydiving can only serve to help you to further your career in the field, for example, you may want to be an Instructor yourself. Or perhaps you just want to pursue certification to have the credentials under your belt for bragging rights, or you’re just impassioned about everything skydiving.

Regardless what your individual reason may be, we can make your skydiving dream into a reality.

I’m ready, where do I sign up?

If you think you want to pursue certification and AFF training, just give us a call and we’ll walk you through the enrollment process. The agents will help you to determine where the closest drop zone is to you and inform you of what you need to do subsequently to get the ball rolling on your instruction. Good Luck!

"And if he were alive today, we’d tell him we couldn’t agree more Mr. Thompson!"
- Hunter S. Thompson

Give us a call anytime to get started at Skydiving Los Angeles today! 323-473-3633!
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