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For the sake of your and our time, we will just be frank here. The action of paying additional fees for any product, not limited to an LA Skydiving video, will give 99% of the population pause. Most of the time this does not mean the extra cost is too much, but we often find ourselves re-framing smart purchases as ‘unnecessary’.

Nevertheless, it is to LA Skydiving to persuade you to consider the purchase of the video, because of the important role it plays in your skydive. This importance can and will be conveyed in many ways. The most obvious of these being the inherent awesomeness of a skydive and a video of your jump is made more awesome by association. Not only that, but an LA Skydiving video of your first skydive gives you the opportunity to relive one of the most memorable and crazy experiences of your life. Down the line, you won’t remember the time you saved a little money on your skydive by not purchasing an LA Skydiving video. What will you remember? The happiness, the crazy, the memorable, along with many others are perfect descriptions of what skydiving can be.

The video will naturally highlight your time in freefall, but the video is not about any individual moment. It is about each diverse moment, in terms of actions and feelings, combining to ensure one epic video. The activity of skydiving brings your instincts and naturally strong emotions to the surface, from the brave to the fearful, the video is sure to capture it.

Prior to the flight, on any LA Skydiving video, the videographer will start to film to get your thoughts on what you’re about to do. Then, during the plane ride, they’ll record the mixed expressions of excitement and nervousness as you slowly, but surely, come to the realization that you are in fact about to jump out of a plane, willingly. This is where it gets interesting and the differences in the video more obvious.

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The edited version of your LA Skydiving video will be set to music, with titles from beginning to end, smooth transitions and professional special effects to make your skydive all the more awesome, as if it needs it. The actual process of editing your parachute jump video and moving it onto a flash drive typically takes an hour but may vary depending on how busy the dropzone is at the time of your jump. After that, simply take your video home to watch, download and share whenever!

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Professional Video Package

The professional video is often the first choice for newbies. You are on the plane, the door opens and at 13,000 feet, the videographer will climb outside of the aircraft. As if in complete synchronicity, you, your instructor and videographer will leap from the plane and into the infinite horizon. The key distinction of the professional video is the fact that your skydive is filmed from a 3rd person perspective thanks to the skilled and experienced freefall videographers on staff at the drop zone. This videographer will record from every angle possible to ensure the best video and/or pictures of your skydive. When your instructor deploys the parachute, the videographer will do so as well only to race down to the drop zone. This way, they can be in the landing zone when you come back to capture a smooth and incredible ending to your skydive video. This video option can also be purchased for individual jumps in the Accelerated Freefall (AFF) course!

Handycam Video/Photo Package

The handy Handycam video is awesome for what it is meant to be, but it is a different experience in terms of the point of view. The video is recorded via a small camera, likely a GoPro, attached to the wrist of the instructor. This offers a 3rd person view as well, but it is a stagnant viewpoint and much more close up. The video will still consist of every part of the jump, including before and after. The unique elements of this video are the fact that it gets a close-up video of your face as you fall to earth, both in freefall and canopy flight. This allows the videographer to capture the extreme emotions of freefall and the tranquil side of the skydive as well. The Handycam video is a great option for a reasonable reduction in price, so if your goal is to save as much money while still getting the full experience, then this is the video for you.
You'll never forget your very first skydive. Skydiving videos ensure your friends and family won't, either.