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Tandem Skydiving

For new adventures and fledgling enthusiasts, come to Los Angeles Skydiving for a tandem sky dive! This option is ideal for beginners and for anyone that has parachuting on their bucket list. It’s easy and it’s safe! This is because you will be with an experienced (and certified) instructor the entire time! You will have the time of your life when you jump out of a plane at 10,000+ feet. Why? Because it’s the adrenaline rush without compare AND you get a view of Los Angeles like most people haven’t even dreamed of. Local skydive centers host these dives and provide access to other opportunities as well like the chance to purchase merch from their skydive shops like hoodies and t-shirts! To get more information regarding LA Skydiving tandem jumps, visit our FAQ page.

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Jump From as High As
Feet in the Air
Freefall for up to
Full Seconds
Enjoy the View for a
Minute Canopy Ride

Skydiving School

If you are looking to take your dream of skydiving to a new level, please consider enrolling in parachuting instruction at premier facilities in California. With LA Skydiving, you can fast track adventure by taking our course on Accelerated Freefall (AFF). AFF is the swiftest way to jump out of a plane if you want to go it alone. Take these opportunities to pick instructors brains to gain first hand knowledge of skydiving techniques and the history of the sport, or visit our history page to obtain even more enlightenment. All the you have to do is enroll in top-of-the-line skydiving academies through our agents.

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Los Angeles Skydiving Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Let’s put it this way: There are few experiences in the world quite like sky jumping. Seriously! Getting to throw yourself out of a plane at least 10,000 feet up in the air is an adrenaline rush, an AMAZING view, and an unforgettable memory all wrapped into one. Now take all that and give it as a gift! For bucket lists, birthday’s, and EXTREME celebrations, call LA Skydiving agents to pick up gifts that are life altering! We promise that the recipient will remember this adventure for the rest of their life!
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Los Angeles Skydiving Video Packages

Video Bundles

Now that you’re on the way to adventure, why not make your memory into a keepsake? By adding on the available video bundle, you can capture the entire experience to watch again later and share with friends. It’s a comprehensive package: The videographer will have you share your thoughts before, your anxious anticipation on the way up, AND catch footage of your thrilling trip back down! Plus, you may be presented with a disk featuring still photos of your entire skydive, as well!
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