Alejandro 'Alex' Romero

Twenty-Two Year Old Marine, Alex Romero Killed in a Skydiving Accident in Coolidge, Was Recently Married

It was early morning, late January, the people in the community of Coolidge, Arizona had just started their day. Then, at roughly 7:45 am, residents saw something horrible happen. A man in a military uniform tumbled out of the sky. He appeared to be tangled in a parachute.

According to one resident, it was a sight that will continue to haunt her. She indicated, “I was on my back porch and I was having my first cup of coffee and I heard a noise behind me, it sounded like tarps in the wind.”

What seemed like mere seconds later, she heard a hard impact. She said someone had fallen from out of the sky in a parachute.

The resident said she called 911 while a neighbor and her husband started to perform CPR on the individual. She explained that she is still traumatized by what she saw that morning and that, “You don’t see that kind of stuff every day.”

The man was rushed to a local hospital but succumbed to his injuries. The resident says her thoughts are with his family.

She further said that the young man was not alone and that, “He had people by his side, we tried to comfort him as much as we could until help got here.”

The Marine, 22-year-old Alejandro ‘Alex’ Romero was recently married. Alex, who was from Carson, California, was, according to his brother, Fernando Romero, always a humble and happy person. He said of his brother, “He was a great person, a great human being.”

According to a statement issued by the United States Marine Corps Training Command, the Marine was training with the School of Infantry West in a double-bag static line course when the accident took place. Skydiving training in this particular discipline has since been suspended pending an investigation into the incident.

It’s important to note that accidents that occur while skydiving is generally the result of faulty equipment or an oversight. Majority of experienced skydivers practice safety protocols everytime they jump.

Photo Source: Fernando Romero

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