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Skydive Safety a Concern After Woman Suffers Injury Following a Fall

A woman suffered a skydiving injury after a fall in Miami-Dade County after falling from 13,000 feet. According to reports, the woman fell without a parachute and suffered injuries to her lower legs as a result of the hard landing following a skydive. She was discovered shortly after one in the afternoon at the intersection of Southwest 200th and 157th streets. Reports indicate she took off from Miami Executive Airport. Officials with Miami-Dade Fire and Rescue have stated that the woman’s skydive injuries were serious. Following the accident, she was airlifted to the Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Her condition is unknown at the time. Although this is a developing story and investigations are continuing, incidents like this are not unheard of. Which spotlights if skydive safety should be more of a concern and if injuries happen all too often.

Even though media outlets would have prospective skydivers believe that the sport is dangerous, the statistics are drastically in favor of it being relatively safe. On numerous occasions, the media has reported skydiving mishaps that resulted in injury or death. However, in comparison to the exceedingly high number of successful skydives, serious injury and fatalities are rare.

It is unfortunate skydive injuries occur at all, but being that the activity is executed thousands of feet above the ground, the risk is inherent. However, innovations in skydiving equipment and stricter penalties being enforced by local and state government and the USPA are working to increases the odds in favor of skydivers completing safe tandem and solo skydives.

As a matter of fact, a great number of jumps that resulted in serious skydive injury or death happened as a result of the skydiver overlooking something. Some who lost their lives may have even been professionals with hundreds of previous dives to their name. Some, as well, were the result of mishap or a mistake made by another that resulted in an innocent party suffering injury or death.

This is why it’s imperative that the governing entities that enforce regulation regarding skydiving keep abreast of how operators who facilitate the dives are meeting the requisites for skydiving certification and making certain they are hiring licensed instructors.

These reasons alone should highlight the fact that when there is a tragedy regarding a skydive, it more than likely was the result of a human being making an error in the facilitation of it as opposed to the actual function of the skydive itself.

When participated in safely and wearing the appropriate gear alongside certified professionals, your chance of engaging in a safe, effective and exhilarating experience is extremely high.

Experts recommend prospective skydivers do their due diligence in researching the sport and determine what, if any, concerns they have that may be relative to skydiving.

To hear more regarding skydive specifics, seek the opinions of professionals or perhaps search for answers on a relevant blog or website FAQ pages.

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