Air Force Academy’s skydiving teams take home gold at 2017 USPA collegiate championship

Last week’s United States Parachute Association National Collegiate Parachuting Championship saw the Air force Academy’s skydiving team take home numerous gold medals. More than 80 or more skydivers competed against one another in the event but it was the Air force academy’s Wings of Blue that put them all to shame. Participants competed in several formation skydive events at the Lake Wales, Florida skydiving center.

In the two-way vertical formation event, which determines a winner based upon how many formations can be successfully completed while flying upright as well as upside down, the Air Force Academy’s Connor Severino and Zachary Wolf won gold. The cadets, both members of Team Siete Lobo won gold early in the year at the USPA national championships. The Air force Academy’s Team Storm won in the four-way formation event. The competition determines a winner based upon how many formations can be completed by a four-person team while engaged in free fall and prior to deploying their chutes. Team storm is made up of cadets David Arneberg, Chandler Beachy, Ryan Silva, and Joseph Wilde.

In the team sport accuracy event which sees participants landing as close to a specific point as possible, gold went to the Air force Academy’s Team Sietray-Nobo, which consists of cadets Raymone Jackson, Noah Taylor, and the aforementioned winners Connor Severino and Zachary Wolf. Connor Severino won the master sport accuracy class as well. Congratulations to all the winners of the 2017 USPA National Collegiate Parachuting Championship.