Dorian Gimenez Captured in Epic Picture 12,000 ft Over the Wairarapa Region

A friend’s GoPro snapped an epic pic of skydiver Dorian Gimenez’s ​2600th skydive. While the two were preparing to parachute over Masterton’s Hood Aerodrome on Sunday last, fellow skydiver Romain Debiton’s action camera snapped the picture immediately following Gimenez leaving the aircraft.  At that exact moment, Gimenez just happened to look up and the result is an amazing shot of skydiver Gimenez in the foreground and New Zealand’s stunning Wairarapa region thousands of feet beneath him.

This being Mr. Gimenez’s 2600th skydive, one can only assume he is fascinated by the sport. When asked what inspires his passion for it, he says, “When you jump for the first time, something inside you changes. It is like a different world. The adrenaline is amazing.” Skydiving is life changing according to Gimenez. At the time the insanely cool shot was captured, the friends were attempting a sport skydive roughly 12,000 feet above the Wairarapa region. Mr. Gimenez is a certified skydive instructor with Skydive Wellington at Hood Aerodrome. The GoPro was being utilized to record the friend’s jumps for further analyzation of technique regarding the transition of vertical and horizontal flight to be viewed at a later time. Of their reasoning for the sport jumps, Mr. Gimenez has said, “In vertical flight you reach between 250 kmh to 280 kmh, and horizontal you fly at about 200 kmh. The sky is a bigger area to play, you feel like there are no boundaries up there.”

According to Marty LLoyd, operator of Skydive Wellington, Hood’s Aerodrome is one of the last places in NZ where skydivers can sport parachutes.  Lloyd said, “Most of the skydiving in NZ is tourism based, so sports-jumping is not so big here anymore. But we do it here in Wairarapa. Dorian and Romain were sport jumping the other day when they took the photos and video.” He went on further to say of skydiving in the region, “I always tell people they should try it. It is the type of thing that will change the way you see the world. “The feeling can last for days afterward. I get people come in here for a jump and they are sometimes apprehensive and seem stressed.

He ended by stating, “Afterward you see them and it is like they are walking on air, smiling, floating around the place. It’s a reality check.”