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When it comes to skydiving, it's only natural to experience a slight hint or more of anxiety before deciding to embark on your first skydive. Ask the bravest person in the world and they will tell you fear is something that all humans have in common. The reality of flying, face first, toward the earth on your first skydive frightens most people. So, let us impart some of our tandem jump wisdom onto you and tell you just how safe our Los Angeles affiliate’s tandem skydives really are!

LA tandem skydive

First things First!

When preparing to take your first skydive, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that most of our visitors have no idea about. First, your tandem instructor is put through rigorous training that largely surpasses the typical certification instruction. Other than being certified, it is required of your instructor to complete a rating program through the USPA as well as have hundreds of jumps under their belt. Rest assured, our affiliate’s tandem masters are extremely experienced, often performing 20+ tandem jumps per day. Combine the number of tandem jumps per day with several years of experience and you have thousands of jumps each that these instructors have made. This is not an easy task and taking on the responsibility of another person’s life on their first skydive is one thing not many are confident enough to do.

LA tandem skydive

Real talk about the tandem rig!

The tandem jump parachute will be packed and assembled by highly trained packing professionals. This is also a very tedious task and is left only to those who have been certified to do so through the USPA and various rigging authorities. The parachute is not the only thing that will be packed before your flight. The rig will be equipped with an AAD. This Automatic Activation Device is set to deploy a backup parachute should there be any difficulty releasing the main. It will auto activate at a base level for you to make a safe landing no matter what.

Los Angeles Skydiving works with instructors and with gear that is the best in the industry. Our affiliate dropzones always insist on the best and we always put your safety first.

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LA tandem skydive LA tandem skydive

The day of your first tandem skydive in Los Angeles... What to expect!

On your big day, you will be asked to show up at the LA tandem skydive center somewhat early and hopefully ready to take on the world. It's recommended you arrive prior to your tandem jump time as you will be asked to sign paperwork and watch a brief instructional video before even getting fitted in your gear. You will then go through a brief skydiving instruction with the instructor. He or she will go over how to hold your arms, legs and head during the jump itself and the moments leading up to it. You will then be fitted with a harness and await your turn. If you choose to get a video of your flight you will be interviewed by your videographer about the flight and your feelings regarding jumping out of an airplane for the first time!

Once it is your turn, you will board the aircraft with your instructor and videographer. You will not yet be connected with them until you are safely on the plane. Your instructor will connect both of your harnesses using specially designed industrial clips to keep you attached even during free fall. The plane ride typically takes around 15-20 minutes to reach a comfortable altitude. The height at which you will execute the LA tandem skydive is based largely on cloud overhang, should the cloud cover be hanging low, you want to jump at a stable level. The elevations range from 10,000-14,000 feet above ground level, so you are looking at 3 miles or so upward! Often we hear that the scariest part of a skydive is the plane ride and we can agree. You are in a smaller craft that does bounce around a little bit, not to mention the adrenaline you are already feeling in getting ready to jump. No worries though as you won’t be on the plane for long and the instructor you are harnessed to already has a parachute!

LA tandem skydive LA tandem skydive

Ready, Set, Jump!

When it comes time for your tandem jump, your instructor will bring you to a seated position at the doorway of the aircraft. It is optional to look down, but we suggest it. There is no better way to come to the realization that you are about to perform an incredible feat than looking out at the miles of California countryside beneath you. After a 1,2,3 count you and your instructor will leap from the craft! The temperature in the air is roughly 14 degrees colder than on the ground so you may experience a slight chill, or that could be your nerves. Your first skydive, itself, feels like you have jumped into a cool pool. With the wind whipping around you and nothing but you and your instructor free falling toward the ground, this is the most thrilling experience of your life!

If you choose to have video footage of the free fall, a videographer will “swim” toward you capturing your face as you plummet at speeds up to 120 miles per hour! Make certain to inquire after still photos they may have captured during your jump. You may be able to pick up a CD with the photos on it to be used as postcards to send to loved ones! Make sure to blow a kiss to the camera or give a thumbs up to the people who will later enjoy your dvd with you! This is it! This is LA tandem skydiving!

Once you have reached a safe level, your videographer will wave off in another direction and your instructor will deploy the parachute. There is a bit of a tight pull when the parachute releases. Gaze at the majesty that is the hilly L.A. landscape beneath you. You cannot get this view anywhere else in the world. For miles around you, you can see the Santa Monica Mountains and of course the beautiful cityscape on the horizon. The under-the-canopy portion of your LA tandem skydive will last around 8-10 minutes before the preparations for your landing. When landing, you will be able to lift your legs and scoot in on your behind. This is the easiest way to land when you are a beginner.

LA tandem skydive LA tandem skydive

Make your landing epic!

Once you have landed you will have plenty of time to wait for your video to be processed, if you ordered one, and talk with the other skydivers. Do not be surprised if you immediately want to do it again. Please note: Skydiving can lead to feelings of joy and excitement. Lasting effects can include a feeling of walking on air, awesomeness and an adrenaline high that can last from several hours to several days. LA tandem skydiving is an addictive exercise and should be treated as such! Now, that you’ve experienced your first skydive via LA tandem skydives, why not spread the awesomeness of the experience amongst your loved ones? Gift certificates for tandem jumps are available for purchase, all you need to do is call!

Please note: Skydiving can lead to feelings of joy and excitement. Lasting effects can include a feeling of walking on air, awesomeness and an adrenaline high that can last from several hours to several days. Skydiving is an addictive sport and should be treated as such.

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