LA Skydiving Terms

LA Skydiving Disclaimer
LA Skydiving is an independently owned and operated adventure services brokerage company. We do not own or operate skydive centers or drop zones we make reservations for. We are not subject to the liabilities of said facilities. The skydives and relative activities will be facilitated at a variety of locations throughout the United States. We have had instances in which we may book skydives for global operators. Participants of skydives and relative activities are subject to the limitations and approvals of service providers and their individual terms and conditions.
Agreement to Terms and Conditions
If you elect to purchase services, amenities, contact us or reserve activities via this website, you will do so in agreement to the terms and conditions provided herein.
Reservation Availability
Representatives of LA Skydiving will work within appropriate timeframes to secure the best possible and optimal time for your skydive or relative activity to commence. We will find the most suitable pricing for proficient providers within the parameters made available to us and per our client's specification. This by no means guarantees clients a time slot in accordance with their wants. It is recommended to achieve reserving services for weekends and particularly busy times of the year, clients contact us within 14 days at the latest to arrange services. If permissible, we can and will accommodate and secure last minute skydive jump times.
Return and Refund Policy

We will not give monetary refunds unless a mishap has occurred at the fault of our representatives and only at the discretion of management. If your skydive or relative activity is rescheduled or canceled as a result of inclement weather or some unavoidable issue regarding the service provider, we will make every attempt to reschedule for the next available opportunity at your convenience.

We do not give monetary refunds for the number of or dollar amount corresponding to the value of gift certificates. Purchases made at the time of service and at participating affiliated skydive centers and drop zones are subject to the terms and conditions regarding returns and refunds of that facility independent of our company.

That said, please give us a chance to make attempts to fix problems for you. If you have a serious or unavoidable issue, feel free to discuss it with customer care. Representatives and management will make an effort within the parameters of our protocols to remedy a situation for our clients.

Affiliate Skydiving Center and Drop Zones Acknowledgment of Autonomy

We are not subject to the liabilities regarding affiliated skydive centers and drop zones and their particular terms and conditions. You may request to see disclaimers pursuant to each location’s terms. Reservations and services are commenced at the discretion of these facilities separately from our service. If there is an issue when you arrive regarding a particular issue with the facilitation of service, the rescheduling or canceling of the service or any alterations made at the level of facilitation at these facilities, it is subject to the discretion of the operator and not our company.

Skydive centers, drop zones, locations wherein skydives occur are autonomous of our company and therefore their individual terms and conditions and the implementation of said restrictions are at the discretion of these facilities.

To Receive More Info

To get more information about skydive centers we work alongside or our particular services and where they end and begin, feel free to contact us. You can see the variety of ways in which to reach out to us on our contact page. Further, you can view important skydive information on our FAQ page. Should you require anything additional, please feel free to call and speak with an agent.